1. The warranty is valid for one year from the date of the purchase invoice. It covers all the manufacturing issues and defects. The device shall be replaced rather than repaired if the issue emerges within one week from the date of purchase. Otherwise, the Maintenance Department of TAG-Tech will make the necessary repairs.

2. The defect shall be determined within 24 hours from turning the device in. TAG-Tech will inform the customer within 48 hours of the cost of repair and the parts that need replacement. In all cases, the device will not be repaired or modified before obtaining the approval of the customer.

3. The warranty does not cover the defects and issues resulting from misusing the device, such as spilling liquids on the device, burns, scratches, breakage, electric current issues, accidents, act of God, or any other causes that does not involve TAG-Tech “force majeure.”

4. The warranty covers the devices only and does not include the accessories, such as the headphones, device case, or external keyboard, unless they are bought separately.

5. In case the warranty expires, the warranty period for the newly replaced parts, which inspection conducted by the company’s maintenance team has confirmed that it they have been defected, shall be three months from the date of replacement.

6. TAG-Tech maintains the right to replace the devices and/or the defected parts with new ones or repair them, according to its sole discretion, after inspecting the malfunctioning devices or parts.

7. All the devices and parts replaced by the maintenance center during the warranty period shall become the property of TAG-Tech.

8. The warranty shall be deemed void and expired if the customer repairs the device outside the network of maintenance centers approved by TAG-Tech.

9. The warranty shall be deemed void and expired if the customer modifies, distorts, or deletes the device’s serial number.

10. The warranty shall be deemed void and expired if the customer uploads software or derivers that are not genuine or not from its official sources. Such software and drivers may cause the device to malfunction.

11. TAG-Tech shall not bear the cost of transporting the devices to and from the maintenance center, licensed by TAG-Tech, and the risks associated with the transport process.

12. Repairing or replacing the malfunctioning devices or parts, according to this warranty, does not mean extending or renewing the term of the warranty. It is, moreover, possible to repair or replace the device, in accordance with the terms of this warranty, by using spare parts that have similar functions.

13. TAG-Tech shall not be responsible for any data, pictures, or contacts stored on the device. Making a copy of such data and restoring it shall be the responsibility of the device’s owner. The company shall not be liable for any data loss that takes place during the maintenance process.

14. The customer shall turn in the malfunctioning device only, as the company shall not be responsible for any extra parts or accessories attached with the device, such as the sim card, SSD card, headphones, cases, etc.

15. The customers shall be contacted through the official Maintenance Department numbers, declared by TAG-Tech, or through the maintenance department’s email.

16. TAG-Tech shall not be legally liable to any damages or losses caused by the devices or malfunctioning of the devices provided by the company, including economic or moral losses, returns, data, or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or losses.