The Economic and Social Institution for Retired Military Personnel and Veterans

Targeted Groups:

Retired military personnel, civilians, and members of the Public Security can purchase TAG Tech devices and finance them for up to 18 months through the Retired Military Personnel Institution at its sales centers in the following governorates:

  1. Amman: Shfa Badran, Mahmoud Al-Kayed Street, opposite Mahmoud Al-Kayed Mosque, next to Umm Tafil Secondary School for Girls.
  2. Mafraq: Downtown, opposite Anoud Al-Shamal stores.
  3. Salt: Salt entrance / next to the Water Authority.
  4. Jerash: Al-Qayrawan area between the Agricultural Credit Fund and Safwa Bank.
  5. Irbid: Baghdad Street / behind the Islamic Bank.
  6. Zarqa: Prince Abdullah neighborhood / ascending the reservoir.